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Best Hotels in Nepal

With so many tourists from all over the world flocking to Nepal, especially during the peak hiking and trekking season, it is not surprising that the country offers various forms of accommodations which cater to every budget. Although known as a backpacker destination, Nepal has its fair share of hotels and accommodations – from budget hotels to luxury ones.

In this article, I will give you a list of some of the best hotels in Nepal, classified into various price points. So whether you are traveling to Nepal on a budget or are ready to spend some cash on a lavish accommodations, you will certainly find something of interest here.

Best Budget Hotels in Nepal

Nepal is quite popular among tourists who are traveling on a budget, mostly because it is so easy to find affordable accommodations in the country. When looking for budget accommodations, you should stick to lodges and hostels located near the areas you intend to visit. This way, you could save on transportation expenses. If you are traveling light, you can also further save by checking in only for the night.

That said, here are some of the best budget hotels in Nepal:

1) Shangri-La Boutique Hotel

Wildlife Photography in Nepal With price starting at around $10, this hotel is certainly for the budget-conscious traveler. Located at the center of Thamel, the Shangri-La Boutique Hotel is close to a lot of attractions and famous spots, but still reasonably far from the busiest parts of the city. The amenities are also complete.

2) Trekkers’ Home

Wildlife Photography in Nepal Also at the $10-dollar range, Trekkers’ Home is a great choice for travelers on a budget. This accommodation is close enough to the city but without the hefty price tag. You can choose from a variety of rooms including single, double, triple, and even family suites.

3) Hotel Happy Home

Wildlife Photography in Nepal A little more expensive is the Hotel Happy Home, with rates starting at around $17. Nevertheless, the additional price is justifiable since the hotel is at a prime location, fully-furnished, fully-air conditioned, and even has free Wi-Fi as well as other complimentary items.

4) Hotel Mums Home

Wildlife Photography in Nepal If you want a more comfortable accommodation without spending too much or moving too far away from the heart of Kathmandu, then this accommodation is perfect for you. Starting at $20, the Hotel Mums Home has fully-air conditioned rooms with a spacious garden and a terrace.

5) Aryatara Kathmandu Hotel

Wildlife Photography in Nepal If you want a room with a great view but affordable rates, then you should try this hotel. With rates starting at $25, this is still budget-friendly. The hotel has modern furnishings and provides a great view of the mountains.

Best mid-range hotels in Nepal

If you have a little more to spend on your accommodation but do not want to spend too much, then you should check out some of the best mid-range hotels in Nepal:

1) Oasis Kathmandu Hotel

Best mid-range hotels in NepalStarting at $35, this bed and breakfast has great amenities. All rooms have access to the balcony, not to mention the fact that the hotel has a great, affordable restaurant which offers various cuisines.

2) Kantipur Temple House

Priced at around $50, this accommodation is a great refuge after a long day at the city. Despite being a mid-range hotel, the Kantipur Temple House exudes luxury. It also has a rooftop garden which is great for viewing the city at night.

3) Fairfield

With rates starting at $75, the Fairfield offers a great view, as well as topnotch services but without the hefty price tag. in addition, this hotel also has a great bar and restaurant.

4) Dalai-La Boutique Hotel

Best mid-range hotels in NepalFor around $80, you can enjoy staying at this heritage hotel in Kathmandu. On top of its amenities, the Dalai-La Boutique Hotel also has terrace and a courtyard.

5) Traditional Comfort

Best mid-range hotels in NepalIf you want to stay in a traditional hotel but do not want to give up the comfort of modern amenities, then this hotel is the perfect one for you. Although still mid-range, the hotel is splashed with a bit of luxury, perfect for relaxing after a particularly tiring day.

Best Luxury Hotels in Nepal

For those of you who have more cash to spend, you might want to check out some of the luxury hotels in Nepal. After all, why scrimp on luxury when you can avail of it for much cheaper in Nepal? Here are some luxury hotels worth checking out:

1) Crowne Plaza Hotel Kathmandu-Soaltee

Best Luxury Hotels in NepalWith over 12 acres of grounds, the Crowne Plaza certainly does not skip on amenities. You can try their outdoor pool, enjoy the international food fare at their restaurant, or have a chill barbecue afternoon. The interiors are remarkably elegant and characteristically Nepali.

2) Hotel Yak & Yeti

Best Luxury Hotels in NepalThis hotel is actually a heritage hotel palace, so you will certainly be in awe of the manicured gardens and the antique fountains. The hotel also has an outdoor pool, two tennis courts, and even an indoor casino.

3) Hyatt Regency Kathmandu

Best Luxury Hotels in NepalIf you have been to a Hyatt hotel before, then you know exactly what to expect when you visit the Hyatt Regency. The entire hotel is luxurious with beautiful landscaped gardens and modern fully-furnished rooms. The hotel also has an outdoor pool.

4) Gokarna Forest Resort

Best Luxury Hotels in NepalIf you want a break from the busy Kathmandu, then head to the outskirts and check in the Gokarna Forest Resort. Despite being located inside a forest, this resort has complete amenities, including a golf course, a spa, a health club, and various dining options.

5) Dwarika’s Hotel

Best Luxury Hotels in NepalThis hotel is perfect not only for accommodations, but also for sight-seeing. With an extensive collection of 13th-century arte facts, it is easy to see why it was awarded the PATA Heritage Award. Also, with an outdoor pool and various dining options, this hotel is really worth the bucks.

The hotel options in Nepal might not be as extensive as in other larger countries, but it does not mean that you do not have choices. On the contrary, you have quite a lot to choose from depending on your budget.