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K2 Summit Trek & Expedition -
Kailash Himalaya Treks http://www.kailashhimalaya.com
Kailash Journeys Treks & Expedition -
Kamana Treks & Expedition www.kamanatreks.com
Kanjiroba Trekking www.kanjirobatrekking.com
Karnali Excursion (P) Ltd. www.trekkinginnepal.com
Karyang Kurung Treks & Expedition, Inc. -
Kathmandu Adventure Treks Pvt. Ltd. www.kathmanduadventure.com
Kathmandu Experience Trekking Agencey P. Ltd. www.kettours.com
Kathmandu Lhasa Trekking (P) Ltd. -
Khumbi-ila Mt. & Trekking (P) Ltd. www.khumbi-ila.com
Khumbu Adventures Trekking Expedition P. Ltd. www.khumbuadventures.com
Khumbu Shangri-La Nepal Trek & Expedition P.Ltd. www.voyages-nepal.com
Kirat Treks Adventure Travel kirattreks.com
Korean Treks And Expeditin P. Ltd. www.nepaltour.pe.kr
Kulung Ethnic Treks And Expedition Pvt. Ltd. www.ethnictreks.com
Lal Man Trekking & Expedition www.vic.com/nepal
Lali Gurans Trek & Expedition (P) Ltd. www.laliguras.com
Lama Adventure Treks & Expedition (P) Ltd. www.lamaadv.com.np
Lama Excursions www.speedweb2000.com/rhino
Lama Parivar Himalayan Treks (P) Ltd. www.come2nepal.com
Lama Randonnees Trekking -
Langtang Ri Trekking (P) Ltd. www.langtang.com
L'Annapurna Treks & Expedition Pvt. Ltd -
Last Frontiers Trekking (P) Ltd. www.lastfrontierstrekking.com
Les Portes De L' Aventure (P) Ltd. www.portesaventure.com
Lomanthang Treks www.lomanthangtreks.com
Lucky Treks Nepal P. Ltd. -
M & D Treks (P.) Ltd. www.mndtreks.com
Mactrek & Expedition (P) Ltd. www.mactreks.com
Magnificent Himalayan Treks & Expedition P. Ltd. -
Makalu Adventure (P) Ltd. www.nepalmakalu.com
Malla Treks (P) Ltd. www.mallatreks.com
Manakamana Treks & Expedition (P) Ltd. www.manakamanaexpedition.com
Mandala Trekking Agency www.mandalatrekking.com
Marco Polo Treks & Expeditions
Marron Treks (P) Ltd. www.marrontreks.com
Marvel Treks & Expedition P.Ltd www.marveltreks.com
Matterhorn Treks & Expedition P. Ltd. www.matterhornnepal.com
Maya Holidays Treks & Expeidition P. Ltd. www.mayaholidays.com
Maya Trekking (P) Ltd. www.maya-travels.de
Mayadevi Trekking & Company www.mayadevitrekking.com
Metro Everest Trekking & Expedition P. Ltd. www.metroeverest.com.np
Middle Hill Social Links Trekking P. Ltd. www.middlehiltrek.com
Mila Adventure www.milaadventure.com
Mingma Nuru Excursions Pvt. Ltd. www.msherpa.com.np
Mission Eco Trek & Expedition P. Ltd. www.missionecotrek.com
Mongolian Trekking & Expedition (P.) Ltd. www.tripnepal.com
Montebianco Adventure (P) Ltd. www.montebianco-nepal.com
Monterosa Treks & Expedition (P) Ltd. www.monterosa-nepal.com
Monviso Treks & Expedition P. Ltd. www.monvisotreks.com
More Than Mountain Treks (P) Ltd. www.jagatreks.com.np
Mosaic Adventure Trek & Expedition Pvt. Ltd. www.trekntour.com, www.mosaicadventure.com
Mother-Land Nepal Trekking & Expedition (P) Ltd. www.nepaltrekandtours.com , www.motherlandnepal.com
Mount Fuji Treks & Expedition (P) Ltd. www.visitnepal.com/fujitreks
Mount Manaslu Adventure Treks (P) Ltd. www.alpinenepal.com
Mount Meru Treks www.mountmerutreks.com
Mount Paradise Treks Pvt. Ltd.
Mount Treks & Expedition(P) Ltd. www.mounttrek.com
Mountain Adventure Trekking
Mountain Delights Treks & Expedition www.gotomountain.com
Mountain Experience Pvt. Ltd. www.mountainexperience.info
Mountain Footprints Treks & Expedition Pvt. Ltd. www.hkailash.com
Mountain Journey (P) Ltd www.mjourney.cjb.net
Mountain Leaders Treks & Expedition P. Ltd. www.mountainleaders.com
Mountain Legent Pvt. Ltd. www.mountainlegend.com.np
Mountain Madness
Mountain Monarch Adventures (P) Ltd. www.mountainmonarch.com
Mountain Sherpa Trekking & Expeditions P. LTD www.GuideNepal.com, www.NepalTrekkingTours.com
Mountain Sun Valley Treks & Expedition www.mountainvoyage.com
Mountain Tiger Nepal Pvt. Ltd. www.mountaintigernepal.com
Mountain Travel http://www.tigermountain.com
Mountain Zone Trekking P. Ltd. www.mountainzonetrekking.com
MountainTribes Trekking P. Ltd. www.mountaintribes.com
Mt. Pumori Adv. Treks & Expedition http://www.mtpumori.com
Multi Adventure www.multi-adventure.com
My Trip Adventure Pvt. Ltd. www.mytripadventure.com
Mystical Mountain Treks Pvt. Ltd. www.trekntour.com
N.K's Trekking & Expedition P. Ltd. www.nksriver.com
Namaste Adventure www.namasteadventure.com
Namaste Treks & Expedition www.namastetrek.com.np
Napoleon Trekking Pvt. Ltd. www.nepal-trekking-passion.com
Natraj Trekking www.natrajtours.com
Nature Adventure Trek Pvt. Ltd. www.natureadventuretrek.com
Nature Express Trekking www.nexnepal.com
Nature Joy Sky NJS Trekking Pvt. Ltd.
Nature Trail Trekking & Expedition www.allnepal.com
Nature Unlimited Treks & Exp.
Navyo Nepal Trekking P. Ltd.
NE-KO Treks & Expeditions Pvt. Ltd. www.nekotreks.com
Nepal A.P. Adventure (NAPA)Trekking P. Ltd.
Nepal Adventure Point P. Ltd. www.nepaladventurepoint.com.np, www.nepaladventurepoint.de
Nepal Alsace Trek & Expedition P. Ltd.
Nepal Alternative Treks & Expedition P. Ltd. www.nepalalternativetreks.com
Nepal Discovery Treks & Expedition (P) Ltd. www.nepaldiscoverytreks.com
Nepal Ecology Treks Pvt. Ltd. www.ecologytrek.com/new
Nepal Environmental Treks & Expedition (P.) Ltd. www.environmentaltrekking.com
Nepal Experienced Adventure Treks www.neatadventure.com
Nepal Exploration (NEPA) Treks www.nepaltreks.com
Nepal Fair Step Treks & Expedition P. Ltd. www.fairsteptrekking.com
Nepal GOGO Treks Pvt. Ltd. www.nepalgogotreks.com
Nepal Highpoint Trekking & Expedition Pvt. Ltd. www.tec-trek.de
Nepal Hiking Team (P.) Ltd. www.nepalhikingteam.com
Nepal Holidays Junction P. Ltd. www.memorable-holidays.com
Nepal Myths & Mountain Trails (P) Ltd. www.nepalmyths.com
NEPAL NOMAD TREKKING PVT. LTD. www.nepalnomad.com
Nepal Nova Treks & Expedition www.nepalnova.com
Nepal Panorama Trek (P) Ltd. www.nepalkaze.com
Nepal Reisen Treks & Expedition www.nepalreisen.com.np
Nepal Sanctuary Treks (P) Ltd. www.nepalsanctuarytreks.com
Nepal Social Treks & Expedition (P.) Ltd. www.nepalsocialtreks.com
Nepal Study Treks & Expedition www.atrav.com/studytreks
Nepal Summit Trekking (P) Ltd. www.nepalsummit.com
Nepal Tashi Taki Trekking
Nepal Tibet Himalayan Outdoor Trekking This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
NEPAL TRAILBLAZER TREKKING PVT. LTD. www.trailblazertrekking.com
Nepal Trans Himalayan Explorer www.sherpaadventure.com
Nepal Trek & High Adventure Pvt. Ltd. www.infotreknepal.com
Nepal Trek Adventure & Expedition Pvt. Ltd.
Nepal Trek House (P) Ltd.
Nepal Trekking & Expedition www.nepal-trek.com
Nepal Treks & Natural History Expedition (P) Ltd. www.kttgroup.com
Nepal View Trekking P. Ltd. www.nepalviewtrekking.com
Nepal Village Trekking P. Ltd. www.nepalvillagetrekking.com
Nepal Vision Treks & Expeditions www.nepalvisiontreks.com
Nepal Worldlink Adventure (P.) Ltd. www.snowdonia-nepaltrek.com
Nexus International Trek And Expedition (P) Ltd.
Nilgiri Expedition
Nima & Neema Treks (P) Ltd.
Nireekha Treks P. Ltd. www.nireekhatreks.com
Nomad Nepal Trek & Mountaineering (P) Ltd. www.nomadtreks.com
North Face Trekking Pvt. Ltd. http://www.nfphyafulla.com
North Pole Trekking (P) Ltd. www.northpoletrek.com
Nozomi Treks & Expedition P. Ltd. www.nozomitreks.com
Numbur Himal Treks (P) Ltd.
OKNepal Mountain Trekking P. Ltd. www.oktrek.com
Om Treks Pvt. Ltd. www.omtreks.com
Om-Mane Trekking (P) Ltd. www.om-mane-trekking.com
One World Trekking (P) Ltd. www.1worldtravels.com
Outdoor Himalayan Treks P. Ltd. www.trekkingnepalinfo.com
Outfitter Nepal Treks & Expedition P. Ltd. outfitternepaltrek.com.np
Overseas Adventure Trekking
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